Business plan checklist

Details of the business

Name of the business

Type of business (limited company, partnership, etc.)

Personal details

Relevant work experience


Number of people / job function

Product / service



Describe your market. Who are your customers? Is your market static, growing or in decline? Who are the main competitors? What are the advantages of your product or service over the competition?


What sort of marketing or advertising do you intend to do?

Premises / machinery / vehicles

Where do you intend to locate business and why? What sort and size of

area will you need? What machinery / vehicles do you require?


What objectives do you have for the business?

II. Think of a business you would like to set up. To get a loan from the bank

In order to establish the company, you should present your business plan.

Prepare the plan using Business plan checklist.




1. adjust § adjustable 2. appeal (to) 3. afford § affordable 4. attractive 5. breakthrough 6. complain § complaint 7. currency 8. design § well-designed 9. dimension 10. economy § economic § economical 11. encourage 12. enhance 13. environment 14. exploit 15. extend 16. facility 17. feature n, v. 18. fault § faulty 19. generate 20. hard-wearing 21. high-tech 22. invent § invention 23. light adj 24. link 25. long-lasting 26. manufacture 27. modify § modification 28. novelty 29. protect § protection 30. quality 31. quantity 32. power § powerful 33. remove 34. robust 35. supply § supplier 36. tax 37. user-friendly 38. weigh § weight


I. Describe some of your favourite products. Why do you like them? What do

They say about you?

II. What product would you like to own? Why?

III. Do you agree or disagree with these statements? Give reasons for your


1. Using animals for testing new products is wrong.

2. Multinational companies which manufacture products in developing world help the world economy.

3. Companies spend too much on launching and promoting new products.


I. Do you know the meaning of the adjectives in the list? Work in pairs.

Think of the products that match the words.

attractive economical expensive fashionable reliable

practical comfortable popular

II. Write adjectives with the opposite meanings to those in task I.

un- in- im-