Exercise 5. Find in the text the sentences containing the word combinations and phrases given below. Translate them into Ukrainian. Make up sentences with these word combinations.

statutory regulation to sign a job contract

legal entity private-law matter

civil code to violate the rights

to determine a person’s rights wrongful acts

welfare of children to hear a case in court

Exercise 6. Match the words and their definitions.

law - law connected with the sea or navigation

legal - something is received (property, title, etc.) as heir

obligation - something that has a real existence

property - agreement to do work

inheritance - connected with law; in accordance with law

maritime law - duty

job contract - things owned; personal belongings

legal entity - a set of rules and regulations

Exercise 7. Find Ukrainian equivalents to the following words and word combinations.

1. private law 1. правові відносини

2. lawsuit 2. визначати

3. lawyer 3. вести, розглядати справи

4. jury 4. страхування

5. legal relations 5. приватне право

6. to handle matters 6. майнові права

7. to violate the rights 7. майнові відносини

8. property rights 8. юрист, адвокат

9. inheritance 9. суддя

10. insurance 10. суд присяжних

11. цивільна справа

12. збірник законів

13. порушувати права

14. спадщина

15. судова справа

Exercise 8. Translate the following words and word combinations into English or Ukrainian.

A statutory regulation; правові відносини; юридично рівні особи; legal entity; related non-property relations; майнові права; спадщина; to define; to involve; види діяльності; позичати гроші (у когось); to lend money; підписувати трудову угоду; адвокат; private-law matter; вести справу; to violate the rights; цивільна справа; wrongful act; to suffer; морське право; шлюб; розлучення; welfare of children; ownership; права наймання на роботу; передача власності після смерті; insurance; договірне право; sale of goods; negligence; деліктне право; навмисне обвинувачення; libel; слухати справу в суді; prosecution.

Exercise 9. Pick up pairs of synonyms.

Case; civil suit; to define; duty; autonomous; to violate law; legal; to handle a case; contract; principal; code; a body of rules; to deal with; judge; to confuse; property; to regulate; insurance; legally; to legalize; legal entity; wrongful.

Criminal; to permit; guarantee; ownership; justice; a set of laws; main; to try a case; to break law; obligation; private-law matter; to determine; independent; lawful; agreement; statute; to concern; to mix up; to administer; lawfully; thing; matter.

Exercise 10. Pick up pairs of antonyms.

Legal; prosecution; public; obligation; to borrow; to violate law; marriage; employment; sale; wrongful.

Lawful; unemployment; to obey law; right; defence; illegal; private; to lend; divorce; buying.