1) Which of the parents:

- believes that parents must carry out threats?

- gets annoyed with teenage laziness?

- does not deal with youngsters professionally?

- believes we must remember that all teenagers are individuals?

- is happy with the way his/her children have turned out?

- believes we should expect arguments between teenagers and parents?

- is happy with the upbringing that he/she had?

- has a son who can be very naughty?

- has a written agreement with his/her children?

- thinks we should focus on the good things about our children?

- believes that punishment only works with younger children?

- has teenage sons?

- believes it is important for teenagers to set their own limits?

2) Whose ideas do you agree or disagree with?

3) Whom do you consider (not) to be a good parent? Why? Why not?



I. How to Raise Your Child a Genius?

1) Watchan episode from the film “Meet the Fockers”.

- What do you think about the methods applied to training the baby?

- How effective do you think is such training? Give arguments for and against early training (educating) of a child?

2)Translate the following text into English using appropriate vocabulary. You may refer to the text in your Headway Student Books (p. 46).